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Discover the Tuscany difference at Kunes Auto Group of Morrison, IL!

Since 1988, Tuscany has stood out for top-notch quality, endless customization choices, and A+ customer service.


Dreaming of a standout RAM truck or something more? Tuscany nails it every time. Plus, snag our No Fear Warranty for FREE on any Tuscany ride with under 100k miles. Let's get you rolling in your dream Tuscany truck ASAP!


Why Tuscany? Well, they're the cream of the crop in luxury RAM truck makeovers. Every Tuscany truck screams quality, crafted with the latest tech and top materials. And yep, there's a sweet 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty to boot.

Crave choices? Tuscany's got truckloads, from lift kits to flashy wheels. Mix, match, and mold your truck with their huge accessory range.


Whatever your truck dream looks like, Tuscany and Kunes in Morrison have got the tools and talent to make it real.


Need a hand with customization? Tuscany's expert crew is always ready to guide. For trucks that turn heads and service that warms hearts, Kunes Auto Group and Tuscany are the perfect match.

White Ram Truck on rocks

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Like this feature? See all vehicles with

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